Organic Raw Food as Your Medicine


“Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.”

Out of curiosity, I was driven to search for the reason why Hippocrates said it so; and Lakapati Basa had me stirred an interest in organic raw food and juicing when I first attended her seminar on raw food sponsored by Spread Organic in the Philippines (SOAP) at the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Institute (DA- ATI) way back in June 2013. According to her, organic raw food has made her feel a lot better after making hospitals her shopping mall. She said she was in and out of the hospital because of gastritis and when she opted juicing as her cure, she never went wrong with her decision.

I know that juicing is one way of ingesting organic raw food in our system, and in fact the most effective way for the body to take, as digestion becomes a lot easier with the food in fluid form. But juicing is quite expensive that I would choose raw fruits and vegetables as my healthy alternative; then I would make my own recipe and munch on them every time I got a sore throat and whenever I felt like having a flu.

I’d been taking it several times, and until now I find it surprisingly effective – that’s at least for me. You may also try my recipe and see the result yourself. We, however, do have different physiological functions that the effect on your body may vary from mine. Based on my own experience, the vitamin C’s from oranges/mangoes, kalamansi juice, and lettuce; the antibiotic properties of garlic and onion; the detoxifying effect of cucumber, celery and carrots; and other health benefits from all the fruits and vegetables seemed to work with me, so that I would strongly believe Hippocrates in saying, “Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be food.”

Take some caution though. I would suggest you eat raw vegetables first before ingesting any carbohydrate-rich food such as rice, bread, corn, sweet potatoes, etc., to avoid unnecessary passing off of gas. Raw leafy vegetables, especially cabbage, could trigger flatulence if you do “carbo-loading” ahead of it. Whatsoever, organic raw food is an effective natural and palatable remedy for me.

By the way, I’ll share with you my simple, crunchy, vegetable salad recipe in my next post.

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